Election Daily: The girl from Ipanema

45 days to go


HERE goes with another week of nightly updates and things are getting serious now as Camden Labour have delivered their election manifesto. Tom Foot was at the launch and in Thursday’s CNJ reports on what Keir Starmer et al told the troops. It’s a big old pamphlet starting with an image of a traditional Kentish Town scene and bearing the slogan: Safer, cleaner, fairer Camden.

Not at all alike, then, from the Conservatives manifesto slogan since 2018:


OK, so not from Ipanema as the top title suggests but Camden Labour’s manifesto is still using random people in Brazil to promote its education pledges. Seemingly unable to think of any images that could be obtained in Camden for the job – aren’t there any cihldren of some Labour-loving parents? Council leader Georgia Gould appeared on Labour’s national manifesto as a baby after all – the party instead trawled the rest of the UK and the globe for children and young folk looking happy about their policy ideas.

Best example, under the section Giving Children & Young People The Best Start In Life, is a woman who is actually posing at a diversity in work event in Sao Paulo.

Below, the details in an open access image library…

…and, below again, the same funky Brazilian crowd are here again in another shot… presumably not listening to Camden’s challenge to get people from more diverse backgrounds to become school governors.

As I said up top, see Thursday’s CNJ for more on what Labour is pledging in its manifesto*.

*the serious stuff


Meanwhile in the north west of the borough, there is a new ITV  crime drama starting and the promo pics for ‘Grauberg & Jirira’ are out now, featuring dark skies over the 02 Centre. You will notice too the heavy scalpel of the CNJ’s coverage of Labour’s selection process with blocked councillor Leo Cassarani’s description of incoming ‘yes men’ being quoted.

At Labour’s launch, I’m told by Tom, there was frustration at the robot army idea used by critics since the deselections and that there are diverse opinions among the final choices. Some like Spurs, some like Arsenal. A bone of contention but will any of it matter to the voters?


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  1. Rotten Roses // March 21, 2022 at 11:00 pm //

    The photo matter says it all about this current Labour Party


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