He’s behind you

THE Tories are looking to gain seats in Primrose Hill now the ward has been split from Camden Town.

The sitting Labour councillors chose to stand in the Camden Town and so PH is an area where whatever happens we will welcome three new faces into the council chamber. ‘In the corridors’, both sides have talked up their chances on this one.

Over the weekend, there was a ‘he’s behind you’ moment in Regent’s Park Road when Joanna Reeves, the chair of the Holborn and St Pancras Conservative Association, was pictured doorknocking. Certainly she was unlikely to score many votes from the blokes watching the world go by over a mug of caramel latte.

David Miliband continues to be the subject of a run of gossip stories in which he is encouraged to one day try again for the Labour leadership; last month Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, a Camden local, floated the idea again of him succeeding Barry Sheerman in Huddersfield – although couched such speculation as “stalking Keir Starmer”.

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