NEW mayor Nash Ali slightly had the wind taken out of his parachute last night when he announced he planned to be the first in office to do a charity skydive this year. Jonathan Simpson, one of his predecessors, just couldn’t hold it in, motioning that he had already completed such a challenge.

Nevertheless, this did not warrant Cllr Ali to up the ante on the spot and suddenly look across at the press bench and tell the room that I would be joining him jumping out of a plane.

In the clip, I’m sure you can all see that I can clearly be heard saying ‘what’ not ‘yes’ to such a preposterous suggestion – about the time that Marcus Boyland menacingly promises to pack my parachute for me.

If you see any council meeting minutes saying otherwise they have been doctored. I saw Awale Olad turn green when they all did this 12 years ago.

Chief executive Jenny Rowlands rules it out straight away and borough solicitor Andrew Maughan is the “Andrew with his head down” as the mayor looks his way.

The old rule for journalists remains: Never become the story…

[By the way, Nash, it’s pronounced Osley… not Osley]

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