Those contract pledges

LABOUR are now odds on favourites with the bookmakers to take control of Barnet Council this week – and the excitement is getting the better of one or two of the party’s leaflet distributors.

In a heady tizz, some of their election bulletins have mistakenly ended up through letterboxes on the Camden side of the borough boundary – in Fortune Green, where the party is engaged in an age-old battle with the Liberal Democrats.

This has led to the curious effect of residents in a couple of roads in Camden being told that Labour will freeze your council tax and protect weekly bin collections, neither of which of course has happened here. Those red ticks on ‘OUR CONTRACT’ in Barnet, would be red crosses in Camden.

Barnet Labour are also vowing to ‘stand up to developers against tower blocks’… and you should’ve read enough by now to know how the Lib Dems and Conservatives in the north west of the borough would respond to that claim here.

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