Election Daily: Please return to your seats

48 days to go


MY response to the idea that Oliver Cooper would be able to force another council meeting before the elections was: Labour are not going to do anything they don’t want to do.

But it turns out the Mayor of Camden, Sabrina Francis, was already thinking about a recall to discuss Camden’s response to the Urkraine crisis.

A check of the rulebook shows Cllr Cooper is within his rights to demand the extra all-member session and April 6 has been suggested.

That still means the 02 Centre planning application – an election issue in West Hamstead.and the new ward of South Hampstead  won’t be decided this side of the polls but councillors will be asked to vote on a Tory policy motion which would block high rises on the site.

The Conservatives will see the securing of another meeting. (whoever thought of it first) as a triumph in itself and no doubt a leaflet is already being composed on how they have challenged the status quo.


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