Legs-it and the hot headteachers

THE Daily Mail sat back and lapped up the publicity generated by its “Legs-it” front page of Theresa May’s meeting with Nicola Sturgeon last week which, as they no doubt forecast for themselves, was dutifully tweeted across the internet by as many of its outraged opponents as its supporters.

With every outraged tweet, somebody at DM towers surely smiled – and their glee there continued with follow-up columns about how everybody needed to get a life if they were upset. As well meant as they may have been, Ed Miliband and co’s sarky tweets – ‘the 1950s called and asked for their headline back’  – was probably just what the page designers wanted.

Of course, it seems much rarer for the Mail to put appearance over achievement when writing about men, but the exception that proves the rule may be found here in Camden as Gary Moore from Regent High discovered last month when the paper’s online arm, to his surprise, featured him in a column listing the country’s five ‘hottest’ state school heads. The story has been shared more than 1,000 times…

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