Month: October 2011

Making plans

THE scars of Camden Labour’s bloody annual general meeting earlier this year were beginning to heal when along came a little reminder over the weekend about all of that eye-poking. The scab was picked at an away-day on Saturday when… Read More ›


EARLIER in the week, I was wondering aloud as to why nobody – NOBODY! – has yet called for the return of the Primrose ‘victim of its own success’ Hill Fireworks Display this year. So this, which was just bleeped… Read More ›

Carry on planting

KILBURN Grange Park has been given a makeover with the planting of some new Australian greenery. The new look includes some Kangaroo Paw plants, normally found down under. The council set up some photoshoot pictures of Labour councillors Mike Katz… Read More ›

Killer job

BIG, big revelation of the weekend: Seal – the singer man – used to serve Big Macs and fries in the Kentish Town branch of McDonalds. The one in Kentish Town Road! He told The Observer: The worst job I… Read More ›


NAUGHTY Liberal Democrats have lifted a New Journal picture taken by Tom Foot last year without permission and posted it on their central blogging station, Lib Dem Voice, for a caption competition. Tom reported how Liam Fox and Chris Philp… Read More ›


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