Month: March 2010


LIKE there’s never been a typo or two or seventy in the Comden Nwe Jouranl.. But come on¬†Conservative website team, it might not be a chief target but you can’t spell Cantelowes like that. Cantalose – that’s just guessing.

Pilgrim’s wotsit

I THINK in the modern parlance of Twitter this might be called something like #toryfail, a minor error unnecessarily amplified in the run up to the elections. Perhaps anxious to show how much they care about Hampstead Town ward –… Read More ›

Eco-Champion: The sequel

CAMDEN Council’s energetic ‘eco-champion’ Alexis Rowell is not standing for re-election in Belsize ward but the Liberal Democrats I’ve spoken too don’t seem to think it’s a major crisis for their first team. I gather there are plans to appoint… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Keith

EVERY local politician, candidate and helper must now, by election law, spend every night from now until May 6 stuffing envelopes with leaflets. But Keith Moffitt is entitled to a night off. It’s his birthday! The Liberal Democrat leader of… Read More ›


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