Oops! Another minor mishap

SORRY: Two in one day for the Tories.. but just try loading up www.holbornconservatives.com for a minute. The address sounds like it’s going to be the big website for Tories in the south of Camden but give it a read and it’s stuck in a timewarp. Margot James, not George Lee, is still announced as the parliamentary candidate for Holborn and St Pancras.

James lost against Frank Dobson in 2005 but deffo now mixing it with the top rank is now settling down for an easy run to Parliament in a safe seat elsewhere (She’s Ms Important in the Tory party these days, saw her looking the part on The Andrew Marr Show the other day).

The remnants of her days in Camden can nevertheless still be seen at www.holbornconservatives.com and revives memories of a campaign which failed do Dobson too much damage. As the screenshot below, pulled from the site tonight, shows (if it makes you squint, click on it for a bigger version). For some reason, she did odd things like conjure up her own name for Camden School for Girls in Camden Town, repeatedly referring it to by the American-sounding Camden High. Like it was a something out of a teen cheerleader book.

In the website text, she puzzles about why all schools can’t be as wonderful as Camden High. That’s a whole different story, a debate for a different day.

(Btw: For the new and fully up to date, supersmart website, you can check George’s progress by clicking this sentence)

Margot James website

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