Month: June 2011

Seb’s scraps

More words from me on the Olympic ticket farce, which you already knew was a farce, as printed in today’s New Journal: SO, how many of you answered the last call for Seb’s synchronised swimming scraps, apparently the final available… Read More ›

Baroness Jackson?

ALTHOUGH it would have been a bigger story if the headine read: ‘Glenda: I’m standing for Parliament again – aged 80’, the front page of this week’s Ham & High nicely stokes the debate over what happens next. Nobody is… Read More ›

A headteacher’s letter

THERE was the most dignified and thoughtful of short responses from Jenny Stephen, headteacher at South Hampstead School, in response to press coverage in The Sunday Times about one of her students. I think people connected with the school are… Read More ›

You look like a man

From today’s New Journal AS a country, we only have two jokes about sport. All Manchester United fans live in Surrey, and Andy Murray is British in victory but Scottish in defeat.  Every year these jokes are repeated again and… Read More ›


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