Month: April 2010

All night long

BRING some playing cards. Bring something. Anything to pass the time. It’s going to be a late one. The Press Association has circulated a list of when it expects the different constituencies to ‘declare’ results at next week’s General Election… Read More ›

Step outside

MAYBE, just maybe there has been a bit too much talk about the leaders’ wives in this general election. Why should whether or not Sarah can gee up Gordon after he’s bad-mouthed a granny or Samantha can successfully dish out… Read More ›

Blair in the marginals

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair was in Harrow today and promises to ‘help out ┬áin marginals’ during the final week of the election campaign. One simple question for this afternoon: Is Glenda Jackson going to let him on her marginal… Read More ›

Getting plastered

AS nerves begin to jangle in the final week of election campaigning, has Chris Philp entered the nail-biting stage as he wonders whether he has done enough to beat Lib Dem Ed Fordham and Labour’s Glenda Jackson (now 6/1 at… Read More ›

Tessa and the softies

IT would be great to know how Tessa Jowell phrased it when she told Guardian writer and blogger Dave Hill that Glenda Jackson’s rebelliousness still appealed to voters – and might just get her re-elected yet. “Well Dave,” Tessa might… Read More ›


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