Flick WILL run again

WILL she? Won’t she? Does she have a choice? Flick Rea has been a little less coy in recent weeks but she kept us guessing all summer as to whether she would run again in Fortune Green. Tonight, however, the Camden Lib Dems tweet the confirmation we were expecting and she will be on the ballot paper in May. It’s been a long and eventful ride: She has seen her party rise to lead a power-sharing administration in Camden and then fall to the low of being the only Lib Dem to survive the 2014 local election avalanche.

Even some Labour councillors admit the council chamber would not be the same without her and she clearly commands a personal vote in her ward; something very few councillors can genuinely claim, even if many of them have fooled themselves otherwise. All of this, however, is not stopping Labour trying to finally run her out in their quest for a near one-party state domination talked about in the last post. Flick’s running mates will be Tracey Shackle and Adrian Bridge. Labour have already re-selected sitting councillors Richard Olszewski and Lorna Russell, and are also fielding Sorin Floti.

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