Reverse angle: Was whole Tory front bench in on remote control rat prank?

IT’S easy to write off last night’s ratfoolery in the Town Hall chamber during a debate on Camden’s new bin arrangements as the solo antics of a councillor with a history of maverick – and sometimes bizarre – interventions. But was the introduction of a remote control rat really all down to Jonny Bucknell’s eccentricity?

Let’s have look at the replay, Gary, from another angle?

And there you have it, the council’s webcast feed appears to show front benchers, including group leader Claire-Louise Leyland, giving the order for Jonny to bring the mechanical mouse into play once Andrew Mennear has finished chuntering on about dung beetles and sparrows.

Note also, how most councillors see the funny side, but there are few that don’t. See if you can spot them. Camden Mayor Nadia Shah, meanwhile, has a giggle about it at the end, but full marks to Camden chief executive Mike Cooke who remains professional stony-faced throughout.


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