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CamdenAGMSarahSallyWHILE Sally Gimson versus Sarah Hayward will be the main event at the Labour group’s annual general meeting next week, the undercard action will also be of some interest too, as new faces look to claim for a spot in the cabinet.

The official papers show three councillors are looking for a shuffle of the pack, with Doug Beattie, Oliver Lewis and Larraine Revah (currently the Mayor, a role soon to be acquired by Nadia Shah with Richard Cotton as her deputy) entering the race for a place at the top table. All of the current executive members are looking to extend their stay, apart from Sally. So eleven of the following need to be reduced to take nine seats: Meric Apak, Doug Beattie, Theo Blackwell, Pat Callaghan, Georgia Gould, Abdul Hai, Phil Jones, Oliver Lewis, Angela Mason, Larraine Revah and Jonathan Simpson. The winner of the leadership contest assigns cabinet portfolios to the winners once the dust has settled.

For less headline-grabbing roles, Sabrina Francis and Lorna Russell have a contest for treasurer, while the role of campaign and communications officer will go to a winner of a vote between Adam Harrison and Sue Vincent.

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  1. Ideal Leader: Raj, Deputy: Sue, Housing: Oliver C., Environment: Sian, Planning: Flick, Finance: Don, Children’s Services: Claire-Louise, Community Safety: Leila, Youth: Awale Scrutiny: Danny


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