Looks like a geography teacher II

corbsGEOGRAPHYTEACHERGEDDON continues with no end in sight. Try as they might, journalists and columnists just cannot resist pushing Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn as a ‘geography teacher’. Always geography. Never history. Mary Riddell and Dan Hodges, both at the Telegraph, have succumbed to its insatiable spread in recent days. Blogger Fleet Street Fox follows the strand too.

Mary wrote last week: “While the Corbynator looks less like a 21st century cyberwarrior than a superannuated geography teacher, superficial images should fool no one.”

Dan, meanwhile, noted his sketch of Corbyn’s Camden Centre rally today: “…as he mounted the stage, he looked a bit like a geography teacher arriving for the penultimate class of a long week. He had no jacket or tie, the sleeves of his yellow shirt were half-turned back, and he was carrying a transparent plastic folder with some papers in his right hand.


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  1. Do keep up- “Not credible or radical” would seem to be the new words. Liz and Yvette don’t look like geography teachers?.


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