Morning update 07.05.15: The big day is here; Daily Mail forgets past advice


ELECTION day is here. First off this morning, just a thanks to all the people who have followed the campaign blog updates over the last month or so, and those who have helped me put them together. Thanks also to the local campaign teams in Camden, who I have bored the hell out of by following them around at 20 hustings events, a clutch of minister and shadow minister visits, some celebrity turnouts and a few campaign launches. Of course, they want publicity, but they have been generous  and patient with their time, often at unsociable hours, and have been speedy to answer my queries. I appreciate that. Best of luck.


THE Daily Mail has provided another constituency by constituency guide to tactical voting, tactical that is if you want to keep Ed Miliband out of office. There are 50 key seats for anti-Eds to target. In Hornsey and Wood Green, Tories are urged to help Lynne Featherstone, while Lib Dems in Finchley and Green are advised to back Mike Freer. In at No. 26 on the list, it is suggested Lib Dems on our patch vote for Simon Marcus to beat Tulip Siddiq and help knock out a Labour seat in Hampstead and Kilburn; the advice being: 


Labour (maj: 42)

Odds: Labour 1/4, Tory 7/2, Lib Dem 12/1

The most marginal seat in the country, currently held by the Academy Award-winning actress Glenda Jackson. Had the Tories borrowed just 50 of the 16,491 votes cast for the Liberals in 2010 they would have won. A tactical vote could allow them in this time.

Tactical vote: Lib Dem vote Tory.

The newspaper, when lamenting the inability of the local Tories to ‘borrow just 50 of the 16,491 votes cast for the Liberals in 2010’, don’t seem to mention however that it was none other than the *cough cough* Daily Mail themselves who advised Tories to vote tactically for the Lib Dems in order to beat Labour here just before the last general election. And look how that turned out…




TIMES columnist David Aaronovitch wrote of Glenda Jackson before the last election that she was a “grumpy septuagenarian who has, for many years now, inhabited an ideas free zone”. H&K Liberal Democrat candidate Maajid Nawaz is glad to welcome his support the time around.


THE sentiment is welcome, but who are these mystery loathers – show yourselves.

FORMER council leader Keith Moffitt is unimpressed as the council’s magazine is sent out on election ever 

ANOTHER former Liberal Democrat councillor Nick Russell gives us his snapshot

QUITE a few split households in Camden, it seems



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  1. Chris Knight // May 7, 2015 at 11:16 am //

    What a waste from Aaronovich, he ought to get out and about a bit more, Maajid is a no hoper in this election.

    One leaflet looking like a pizza menu, and not a Lib Dem canvasser or others seen in Frog & Fitz or Hampstead Town and I suspect very little anywhere else in H&K will not win the coconut!!

    He’d been better of put his weight behind honest broker and local Tory candidate Simon Marcus to rid us of Red Ed.


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