Evening update 30.04.15: A signed poster of the man himself



WITH seven days to go, Liberal Democrat candidate Maajid Nawaz asks supporters for ‘fighting fund’ donations in Hampstead and Kilburn. There’s spectacular treats for those who do. OK, so a fiver will only get you a “virtual high five”, but up it to score and £20 leads to a poster of Maajid “hand-signed by the man himself”. Members of the Maajidfandom can access his post-election party with £50, but the dinner will be in the donor’s honour if they give the top whack of £500.


DOES holding a council by-election on the same day as the general election really come at no extra cost to the tax-payer? That’s the claim from the Conservatives, who have triggered the local ballot in Hampstead Town ward on May 7 with their parliamentary candidate Simon Marcus stepping down from the council. The no expense pledge was made in Simon’s farewell letter to residents and one of ward candidate Oliver Cooper’s leaflets. To see if this was definitely the case, the council’s election officers were asked under the Freedom of Information request if there had been any costs the last time a local by-election happened on the same day as a wider ballot. That would take us back to the London elections of May 2012 when Labour caused a by-election with the resignation of Councillor Thomas Neumark. The extra bill for the local poll: £6,800.



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Olde Ye Lib Dem posters in Kilburn

But it’s not all orange in Gospel Oak

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  1. Chris knight // May 1, 2015 at 8:42 am //

    I’d like a Maajid poster to remind me about the party that dreamed up Mansion Tax, and then tried to blame it in on Labour during the Hampstead interview on BBC News.
    His argument was that he & the Lib Dems simply want to increase the Council Tax Bands, big mistake Mr Nawaz the people of H&K are not stupid you’ll be robbing people just the same as Tulips & Milliband!!!
    They never forgive you.


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