One last Town Hall selfie: What did Tracy whisper in Bac’s ear?

YOU probably haven’t noticed, but I waste a good quarter of my life worrying, irrationally, about Arsenal’s fortunes. It was a sad day last week when reliable defender Bacary Sagna said he would be leaving the club, presumably to get paid even more money somewhere else. It made me think of Tracy Ismail, the now ex-Liberal Democrat councillor in Tufnell Park, who despite being an out and proud Manchester City fan (boo, hiss, their money ruins football) turned up at the Arsenal civic reception at the Town Hall last month. Her bit of rebellion was to wear City socks to the occasion. As the councillors selfie’d themselves silly with pictures of the FA Cup winners, Tracy made a sneaky beeline for Bacary and added her hopes for next season in an excited tweet. Whatever she whispered in his ear, it looks like it worked.

Such treachery right under our nose, just days before an election, I thought. Arsenal-loving Islington won’t like that. But in the end I’m not sure it was this cheeky message that lost her a seat at the Town Hall. Every Lib Dem in that borough was run out of office. In Tracy, colleagues on the Islington Tribune suggest, a pretty conscientious ward councillor was lost in the landslide.



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  1. This is written in that 1st person “I was there” form. If this esteemed blog’s author was present, that raises a question. There’s been something of a spat about that Assembly Rooms Arsenal reception on account of media (especially Trib/CNJ) not gettign invites. Some damn fool nonsense about pre-election “purdah”. It’s caused a little bad feeling which might even have prompted this week’s quite humorous Trib front page. But if Richard Osley was there, the Trib “we was banned” story doesn’t stack-up. And if Richard wasn’t there, how does he know about this Tracy and Sagna story in such fine detail?


    • Richard Osley // June 3, 2014 at 10:29 am //

      I know these are heady times for Islington Labour, Paul, but stay with it. That’s a really bizarre comment, as it’s not written in that way. How did we see Tracy and Sagna? Um, she tweeted it for all to see.


  2. … how about the “City socks” details ?


    • Richard Osley // June 3, 2014 at 11:19 am //

      It was amazing scoop, I know, which took some very tough journalism…

      …or, crazy as this might sound, it might’ve been we just asked her about it.


  3. … and the “sneaky beeline for Sagna” detail


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