Brighton ’13: On the beach

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THE political conference season can be exhausting for diligent party members and delegates, rushing from one meeting to another and having it out with the party’s top brass on the issues that matter most. So, it’s important to take some time out down the seafront when you can.

Not in a Neil Kinnocky way, slipping and sliding all over the place. More like Camden cabinet councillors Nash Ali and Abdul Hai, seen here soaking up the rays when an unexpected burst of September sunshine turned up the heat in Brighton this week.

Be reassured: I’m not on some super CNJ papparazi yacht in the middle of the English Channel with a long lens, scanning the pebbles for ripped politicians in Bermuda shorts. This picture is submitted for use by the erstwhile Labour group photo-chronicler Bob Latham, who insisted the sun shining on Labour as they gathered on the south coast this week should be taken as a good omen for Ed Miliband and his followers.

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  2. … the girl at the back ! -)
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