The Covent Gardenisation of Camden Town?

statuesSO, we didn’t get a disco maypole or a big tree, but we did get some breakdancing and a stall selling coke. But whatever next for the pedestrianised public land outside Camden Town Tube Station? Enter the living statues, oh yes them, this week, as the Covent Gardenisation of Camden Town, an area which once prided itself on being alternative trail for tourists, continues apace.

All we need now is a Ferris Wheel, somebody dressed up as Donald Duck or Papa Smurf waving and ruffling the hair of passing little ones, and it can rival the South Bank. The community support officers trying to keep things in check out there have their work cut out.

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  1. Personally I think this blog has undergone a bit of a Covent Gardenisation…


  2. Sally Gimson // June 16, 2013 at 9:37 pm //

    Conrad’s right. It’s just doesn’t feel the same. So much white space, the smart header, the upmarket instagram feed.


  3. Richard Osley // June 16, 2013 at 10:13 pm //

    Old Labour and New Labour agree at last! My work is done,

    Of course, the blog is not meant to be the same. It’s been four years and that’s a decent time for a fresh look at things. To be honest, I’m chuffed at the numbers coming to read and its reach. I never imagined it would attract as much interest as it has when I started.

    The killer for the old format I’m afraid is that very regulalry people only read the top article and didn’t scroll down. Meant if you had four updates in a day, some readers missed the stuff that they were interested in and might get stuck on something offtopic. Gladly, already seen a change in that over last week

    No time to critique Sally4HandK website in return, forgive me, but I’m sure it gets lots of hits too.


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