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A SERVING councillor raises an eyebrow and emails a short and snappy one-liner: ‘Is this what Camden cllrs should be spending their time on ? !’.

They are referring to an invitation to all councillors at the Town Hall to get on a minibus on February 6 for a trip to Hyde Park to watch a gun salute – all in honour of Accession Day. That’s the date we all, obviously, rejoice at the day the Queen first came to the throne.

The full royal beano itinerary is listed as:

6th Feb 2013: King’s Troop Gun Salute at Hyde Park

10.30am – Arrival at Wellington Barracks. Tea / coffee and briefing on the Gun Salute.

11.00am – Move to Hyde Park by minibus

11.30am – Watch Gun Salute preparations (with commentary)

12.00pm – Gun Salute

12.15pm – Move back to Wellington Barracks by Minibus

12.30pm – (optional) lunch at Wellington Barracks

From 1.30pm – Dispersal

Councillors have been warned that places are limited and will be dished out on a strictly “first come, first serve” basis. I wonder if the councillor who got in touch and is gnashing teeth with irritation has a republican spirit.

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  1. Chris Knight // January 22, 2013 at 10:13 am //

    And you can take your own bucket and spade, it’s good for the cabbages!


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