My snow picture

foxNOW, I know it’s a thing newspapers do almost on autopilot but I’m not a major fan of endless snow picture galleries. Mainly because it snows every year and I’m not five. If it’s raining chocolate out there, that’s another thing, call me.

And just as I sometimes wonder whether the nationals take a new ‘SIZZLING: BRIGHTON YESTERDAY’ picture every summer when they could recycle an old one and nobody would notice, I wonder if there is a new ‘IT TURNED OUT ALL WHITE: HAMPSTEAD HEATH YESTERDAY’ photo taken every winter too. It snowed. Everything looks white. Like it did last year.

Still, a big fat hypocrite is me. I couldn’t resist snapping a new friend (see above right) I made while lost amid the snowflakes in Bounds Green yesterday and wanting everybody to join me in a big ‘awwww’. Look at his/her li’l black socks.

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