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LONG-SERVING inmates of these pages will remember a general irritation at the ‘Love Idea’ among our friends in marketing. This is where marketing-spinny-promotiony people who earn more than me and you come up with the tired old idea of selling you something by simply saying: ‘Love this, Love that’.

So, if you are in the market for a Cappucino, look out for Costa because it’s ‘Love Coffee, Love Costa’.

This simple slogan was repeated everywhere you went a few years back, almost climaxing with the council’s decision to launch a ‘Love Camden’ promotion campaign, which in turn seemed lifted from the original ‘I Love Hackney’ marketing. Spreading like a gnawing tummy bug, Haringey Council more recently launched a – wait for it – ‘I Love Tottenham‘ campaign.

Got any other ideas? No – we don’t want a hilarious twist on the Keep Calm And Carry On Poster either?

And anyhow what’s wrong with just liking something, eh? Liking is good. We all like to like. Take the example of Lidl in Camden High Street which has decided to tweak the ‘Love this, love that’ slogan formula to come up with this showstopper…


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  1. Das Kapital // October 3, 2012 at 10:42 am //

    Like a Tory, Love a Food Bank!

    Sadly, these appear to be flying up around the country faster than any of the big supermarket chains, which says a hell of a lot about the times we live in!

    Sorry folks, but couldn’t resist!

    Das Kapital


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