New team shot needed…

CAMDEN’S Labour group decided tonight to send Angela Mason and Heather Johnson to the backbenches. This grinning team photo of the cabinet, less than a year old, is already out of date. Sean Birch and Larraine Revah are the new faces in Nash Ali’s first team.

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  1. Graham Peasantry // May 5, 2011 at 1:14 pm //

    What a shame that Mason will be leaving the cabinet. She’s been a great deputy leader – charismatic, effective and good at the communication side of affairs. Camden was honoured to have her in a leadership position.

    That’s not to say Sean Birch will not be good – he has proved himself a strong scrutineer on the committees and comes across as thoroughly decent and hard-working, with common sense seeming to play a part in his politics.

    Equally welcome should be the election of Larraine Revah to the education portfolio. It’s important to have people like Larraine on board who have genuine experience of dealing with the council from the outside – and from the perspective of ordinary residents. I also hear she’s got a number of innovations up her sleeve for the CSF department.


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