Mr and Mrs Shapps

LABOUR councillors Sarah Hayward and Meric Apak have both had little digs at Conservative minister Grant Shapps on their blogs in recent. Meric over housing policy, Sarah over his confusion over whether or not Manchester City Council had hired a ‘Twitter tzar’ or not.

In a different time, a different scenario, a different election result, they could have been colleagues in the council chamber of a politician named Shapps.

Council records have it that Belinda Shapps, Grant’s wife, stood for a seat at Camden Town Hall. Her bid to become a councillor in the old Grafton ward in 1998 failed when she bottomed a poll won byLabour’s unbeatable Roy Shaw. She scored 148 votes.

Her husband, once tipped by Quentin Letts as a possible future leader of the Conservative Party, was at that time busy searching for a route into Parliament rather than the Town Hall. After a couple of test runs, he found his way through the doors in 2005, winning in Welwyn Hatfield.

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  1. Sarah Hayward // February 14, 2011 at 4:33 pm //

    There’s no co-ordination of our blogging. He’s obviously just objectionable!


  2. I presume this refers to Grant Shapps in capacity as Mininister of Housing! Two interesting things here the first is yes Grant is most certainly a TwitterHolic and two I never knew till now that Grant’s wife Belinda stood for my old Kentish Town ward where I was raised.

    Clearly, there is a lesson to learn here on choosing the right place to stand as a candidate!


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