Glenda’s mystery man

SO, who really powered Glenda Jackson’s 42 vote win in Hampstead and Kilburn last year? The local party? The councillors? Election agent David Collins? Glenda, herself?

According to Bell Pottinger, the “key” man was Dan Conway, who has just joined the public affairs company as a consultant. Not one mention of him in all of the reams of coverage in the locals and the nationals about Glenda’s desperate fight for survival against the Tories and the Lib Dems, he must have moved in mysterious ways. I’d be eager to know how he swayed London’s closest constituency: Dan – fancy an interview?

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  1. Mike Katz // February 2, 2011 at 4:28 pm //


    I checked out the link – and vaguely recognise the face. But there were a lot of enthusiastic campaigners putting their shoulders to the wheel for the cause.

    So, not exactly key, imho.


  2. Like Mike I’d be interested to know who Dan Conway is. Although if he delivered a round of leaflets or did a few ours canvassing we’re very grateful! He’d be welcome back too.


  3. To set the record straight,Dan Conway was absolutely core to Glenda’s campaign – a member of the original Jackson 5.

    He volunteered to join as a campaign intern before the election had even been called, and worked long hours every day of the campaign with enthusiasm and commitment.

    He did all this for no personal gain, so it’s very reasonable that he refer to this in his CV and I’m glad to see he’s doing well in his career…IMHO


  4. Dave Collins // February 4, 2011 at 3:37 pm //

    Dan Conway lived(s) in Queen’s Park, so wouldn’t automatically be terribly well known to Camdenites. Emmanuel is correct that he was a super volunteer and a vital member of Glenda’s campaign team throughout March and April. He isn’t actually pictured on the Bell Potinger page to which you link, but I’m happy to vouch for the factual accuracy of what they say about him – good to see that the experience seems to have served him well!


  5. Dave’s explanation helps – no wonder I didn’t recognise him, if he wasn’t actually pictured.

    In any case – and with some mind-jogging from Dave – I now know who we’re talking about now! And, to be fair, Dave’s right – he did work very hard in the campaign.

    My only excuse is that he may well have spent some time campaigning outside NW6 – which, to be fair, I didn’t!! If he works as hard for his new employers, they should have no complaints…


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