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AND on the subject of Chris Philp: He has just been made the London organiser for the Conservative No To AV campaign ahead of next year’s referendum on electoral reform.

Maybe he should pop down the road and have a chat with Labour MP Emily Thornberry. The Islington South MP has already  forcefully made clear her objections to the idea of changing the way we pick our politicians.

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  1. Nathan Williams // December 30, 2010 at 2:36 pm //

    What a bizarre thing to do. He stood in hampstead and kilburn – a 3 way marginal that is a superb demonstration of why we need to change our voting system. Instead of having a proper debate on policy, all 3 candidates spent most of their energies trying to argue that they were the most likely to beat the incumbant.

    With AV, we wouldn’t have had any of that nonsense – we could have voted for who we wanted and put our second choice down as well. Has he learned nothing from his defeat?


  2. John Bryant // December 30, 2010 at 6:45 pm //

    Philp is defending the fact that Glenda won with less than a third of the vote cast, because first past the post elections apparently bring about “strong government”. He is not bothered about having a parliament being as representative as possible of the views of the electorate, because he clearly does not support representative democracy. He might as well live in China or North Korea if he thinks strong government is more important than electing a parliament representative of the people’s views.


  3. Local Tory // January 7, 2011 at 10:10 am //

    John: grow up. The whole: I’m going to attribute a position that I have made up to my opponent and then slag him off for it is SO LD leaflet pre-2010. You are a “serious party of government now”, didn’t you get the memo?

    Oh, BTW, I believe the days will be getting longer and warmer in the next few months, better get a Spotlight out claiming “Local Lib Dem Activists” have written to the Astronomer Royal to demand this, eh?

    Best wishes


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