On the list…

NO picture of anyone in a Christmas jumper, no ukuleles… but no postage charge either. This is the e-card flying out of Camden Council this afternoon. I feel priviliged to be on the list.

What I want to know is, however, how many scrooges feel otherwise and will click on the unsubscribe button after receiving this seasonal image of St Pancras station, almost looking from this angle like a snow-capped Kremlin.

I mean imagine if traditional printed cards came with a similar note at the bottom: ‘Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Lots of love.You hate me don’t you? you actually can’t stand me, can you? I can stop sending you cards if you want? Just say the word and it’s done.’. It would tint the original sentiment a little.

Where in the world was Julian Assange?

…Channel 4’s foreign correspondent Jonathan Rugman reports the answer to that riddle may have been ‘Kentish Town’. So, did the Wikileaks founder just walk into Holmes Road and say: I think you’ve been looking for me? I’d like to have seen the reaction on the other side of the reception’s glass panes.