Away in a Mayor’s Parlour

THE Evening Standard explains it all today in an affectionate piece about Christmas with Camden Mayor Jonathan Simpson and mayoress Amy Lame… but still, there can’t have been many occasions when the borough’s first citizen has circulated a seasonal card as [insert your own word here, so many fit] as this. The Mayor, by the way, confirms the ukulele fun hasn’t cost the tax-payer a penny because he funded the shoot himself. Anybody who has seen his business card, shouldn’t be surprised.

I love the jumper.

9 thoughts on “Away in a Mayor’s Parlour

  1. I just snorted out my tea when the picture opened. Wowzers. Absolutely brilliant picture and good on Jonathan for trying to cheer people up during a time of misery due to the national Government.

    Best Mayor since Harriet Garland in my view. This has made my night.

    Oh and agreed Richard. The jumper is actually the height of fashion, but then what would the Evening Standard know eh?


  2. Leaving politics out for a change Jonathan is is a brilliant Mayor and has brought a lot of fun, music and enjoyment to the role, Jonathan also takes the position of Camdens first citizen seriously and puts on a good face for camden at every event he attends.
    Jonathan & Amy obviously click and it shows.
    Keep it up both its good to see.
    All that from a Tory?


  3. Great photograph as it encapsulates the concern I’ve been feeling for quite a while now regarding our Mayor. He’s changing. He looks nothing like what he did when he first got elected to Camden as a LibDem…

    I just can’t decide what he’s morphing into…

    …is it the rotund, bearded MP for Holborn & St Pancras?
    …or is it the rotund, bling-loving GLA member Brian Coleman?


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