Toby’s red mist

IF the other side is turning red and steam is puffing out of its ears, does it mean you’re winning the argument? If so Fiona Millar is up on Toby Young right now.

Blogs by serious writers rarely come boiling with so much inner rage as ‘Five Questions For Fiona Millar‘ – Young’s latest post at The Telegraph. William Ellis School, where Millar is head of the governing body, is caught in the gun smoke, reminding us all again that we still don’t really know what powered the headteacher carousel there in recent years. Parents of children at the school – and some staff, I’m told – still wonder what went on behind closed doors.

What Toby doesn’t mention here is that WH is his old school, before he went on to study at Oxford with an intake that included David Cameron and Boris Johnson. No doubt that’s why he’s so interested in the school’s future fortunes.

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  1. Peter Smith // February 19, 2011 at 4:17 pm //

    Just ask the right questions


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