THE Camden New Journal’s Christmas Hamper Appeal is 30 years old this time around. There has been some history with local politicos getting involved to raise money for what is always an inspiring appeal. If you’ve ever been on the rounds just before Christmas when the hampers are delivered to Camden’s most deserving, you will know what a cheering effort it is.

This year, four councillors are doing something I would be too scared to do and chucking themselves out of a plane to help raise money. What a dare that is. Mayor Jonathan Simpson, Awale Olad, Tulip Siddiq and Tom Neumark are doing the plummeting. Sponsor them if you can. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the musical mayor on previous jump, deep breath, whiskers flattened back. No wonder, he’s still out gigging, feeling youthful on a Saturday night, while I’m in watching X-Factor.He doesn’t even know who Wagner is…

Btw..  Speaking about the Mayor, he is interviewed by the West Hampstead Life blog here.

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  1. So funny. Well done to Jonathan and Tulip for doing this. I’d be far too petrified. Going to sponsor them – where do I donate?


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