474 To Lose

ED Fordham, third-placed Lib Dem in Hampstead and Kilburn in May, was in Birmingham for his day job as a lobbyist. Maybe he regrets walking into a conference pub quiz, though. Hampstead Tories also inside the bar named their team 474 To Lose. Those pay attention may remember Ed’s tagline for his failed attempt to oust Glenda Jackson from Parliament was ‘474 To Win’, a target based on notional figures from previous elections but angrily disputed by Conservatives on the doorstep.

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  1. Chris Knight // October 7, 2010 at 9:15 am //

    Hmm! Ed’s election record is a bit like the tale of “Bruce and the spider”Next time round we will have some genuine figures to work from not some trumped up by the Con Dems. 42 to win!!!!


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