Breakfast with Letwin

CAN you spot the Camden councillor in this picture of pension protesters at the Conservative Party conference this week? It fell into my email inbox last night.

There he is. At the back of the coffin-carrying entourage, Cantelowes’s Lib Dem member Paul Braithwaite peeps over a colleague’s shoulder. As always he has been pressing the case for people who lost their pensions in the Equitable Life collapse. Even people who disagree with Cllr B across the council chamber can not help but be impressed with the time and effort he has devoted to that campaign. A host of MPs were collared by him at this conference and my spies saw him having breakfast with Oliver Letwin on Monday. I gather there is a growing sense that a once unlikely victory may one day be claimed. Good luck to him.

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  1. John Bryant // October 7, 2010 at 9:47 am //

    Paul told me last night (Wednesday) that Oliver Letwin paid for his breakfast too! Which triggered my response about how I got Andrew Adonis when an Education minister to buy me two large gin and tonics…

    But you will have to offer me a drink if you want to know how I did it…


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