Russell’s return?

THE man with the booming laugh is looking to make some sort of history. Check your record books council geeks, when was the last time a candidate won two consecutive by-elections in the same ward. Nick Russell was confirmed today as the Lib Dem candidate in the poll which follows the death of Labour councillor Dave Horan.

It’s an important by-election. Labour need to reinforce their recalled dominance in the neighbourhood. The Lib Dems need to begin the comeback in a ward which not so long ago they had three councillors but now have none. Nick won the by-election caused by Phillip Thompson’s American adventures, but he was ousted from his seat in May at the boroughwide elections – a key area in the Lib Dems’ slip from power in Camden.

No doubt rivals will remind him of his worst moment on the council: telling the full council meeting that a fellow member ‘resembled a Nazi stormstrooper’. Yet he has proven he can win under tricky circumstances. After Thompson had deserted KT for Arizona in October 2008, there was an uphill task ahead and he still came out on top. His joust with Labour’s Jenny Headlam Wells will be worth watching. The vote takes place on October 28.

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  1. ConDemNation // October 1, 2010 at 11:38 pm //

    Lib Dems scraping the barrel I see. Whatever happened to Sir Limps-A-Lot, Ralph? Guess he doesn’t fancy losing for the third time in Kentish Town. Smart man.


  2. Nick Russell – charmless hectoring bully. Met him outside of the Co-Op today and he had no fresh ideas. Claimed to have saved Kentish Town police station. When I asked if he’d try to stop the cuts to police by HIS government he had no answers and tried to blame Labour.

    He’s unfit to be a Councillor. I’m backing Jenny – she’s well known and likeable. More than you can say for Russell.


  3. LOL

    Love the way the silly people run round saying things like this.

    Even your own party admits there would have to be enormous cuts. Where exactly would you cut or do you intend to run around saying nothing can be cut?

    You will never be electable if you don’t win back credability. Read the pamphlet ‘Southern Discomfort Again’, by your own party members.

    …and yes Labour is to blame. Remember the note left by your treasury minister? The real problem you have is that the public at large believe that as well.

    Now, do try to read up, grow up and make some sensible points.


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