Two becomes one for Camden and Islington

A LITTLE exclusive this afternoon over two boroughs: Camden and Islington councils are to share a chief executive in what is certainly a unique strategy. No local authorities of this size of tried this before. Somebody asked me a few moments ago: Is this the first step on a full blown merger between the two boroughs? Politicians will surely want to resist that idea spreading. What is known: Camden Council’s current chief executive Moira Gibb is ready to ‘take the helm’ at Islington Council. The official press release says as much,

But there are lots of questions to be asked here.

* Who made the decision? Where and when?

* Is the new arrangement cemented into future administrations?

* Why is Camden sharing with Islington – and not another London borough?

* What does it mean for other staff at the two local authorities?

* What will happen to Moira Gibb’s £200k circa pay packet?

And so on, and so on.

Stay tuned.

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