Sir Keith or plain Keith?

INTRIGUING news mill rolling on Twitter tonight: a councillor down south London way that tweets that Sir Keith Hill has written to the Prime Minister to turn down his recent knighthood. Fancy that?

Councillor Pete Robbins, a Labour cabinet member on Lambeth Council, would be in a prime position to know such a thing. He declared this evening:

Former Streatham MP Keith Hill has written to the PM to refuse his knighthood. Good on him. Arise, plain Keith.

And that’s all we’ve got to go on. So has Sir Keith really decided not to take up the option? And if he has, what lies behind the decision? We deserve to be told.

Those paying close attention will not need reminding that Hill became a bit of a bete noire in these parts when he clashed specifically with Camden tenants a few years back. He was the Labour’s housing minister as the government locked away money that had previously been reserved to improve the borough’s housing stock. Long story but the messy row still hasn’t been properly resolved.


Keith really is just Keith

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