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NO surprises from the Lib Dem group tonight at Camden Town Hall: they’ve chosen Councillor Matt Sanders as deputy leader. This one has been trailed by everyone with a yellow rosette around Judd Street way for at least a week. He’s the obvious candidate who commands a fanclub in the Haverstock ward as councillor who makes sure he understands the neighbourhood he represents. The natural progression is more authority within the Lib Dems and surely if they had kept control (or a share of control) of the council, a cabinet role would have fallen his way – possibly a new position planned by the Lib Dems on sustainability.

The only alternative might have been Russell Eagling, clued-up, council-savvy but happy it seems to leave it for another day.

Matt, as deputy to leader Keith Moffitt, is nevertheless as keen as the day is long. It will be interesting to see whether he has a heavyweight punch to match. The opportunity to show us is there. And who knows where doing a good job in this role will lead..?

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  1. P Thompson // June 15, 2010 at 12:49 pm //

    I don’t see how this item is at all newsworthy. As a former party member, it pains me to state the obvious in saying that Lib Dem tenure in Camden was nothing but a brief flirtation.

    Third place in H&K, 10,000 votes behind in Dobson’s seat and obliterated on the council where 10 seats were snatched by a resurgent Labour party. The voters have well and truly condemned Camden LDs to irrelevance.

    When the party was first elected, deposing a jaded and unimaginative Labour council, there was a great opportunity to listen and to deliver. Instead, Keith Moffitt has sat back and the LD group have coasted, and sadly it was Labour that did the listening and was rewarded accordingly.


  2. Chris Knight // June 16, 2010 at 12:09 pm //

    No surprise there then! Matts a quality act.


  3. Well it’s not as newsworthy as a councillor moving to Arizona without telling anyone, but nevertheless congratulations to Matt Sanders.

    Unfortunately Philip Thompson – after a storming campaign around the Kentish Town baths – never really seemed to get the way that local government works, the need to work with officers, never seemed that comfortable as a councillor. The idea that the previous administration (and of course Philip Thomson ignores the significant Conservative presence) was ‘coasting’ is pretty laughable. Does Philip Thompson really think that freezing the council tax for three out of four years was easy?


  4. Handbags at dawn! Philip Thomson flounced off to the US when he realised he wasn’t getting a position on the executive in Camden and then couldn’t stick it out doing the hard work of studies.

    Andrew Marshall should be rightly miffed at this post. But he seems to be somehow sticking up for the Lib Dems still? Maybe he’ll admit what most people think – he was the real leader of Camden Council from 2006 – 2010 as Keith Moffitt was useless and had no strategic direction.


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