Video: Glenda wins

CHECK out this fascinating footage newly released on YouTube of Hampstead and Kilburn victor Glenda Jackson winning one of her two Oscars for A Touch Of Class in 1974…  No jokes about how she never leaves south London: the reason she wasn’t there to collect it, apparently, was she was busy making another film in Italy at the time. Writer Melvin Frank seems to enjoy himself in her place and Glenda still got to write about how to give good acceptance speeches for The Guardian many years later.

More interesting is the obvious annoyance splatted on the faces of the other nominated actresses in her category, poor souls whose names Susan Hayward seems strangely suspicious of. Sounding puzzled, she reads out: Mar? Sha? May? Sahn?

When the winners and losers are announced, you don’t get quite the same pictures of such wrinkled-nose irritation – maybe because of the botox – at the Oscars these days. People clap politely instead, like beaten election candidates.

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