Sober up

THERE’S a slight concern building among candidates and agents that an election night tradition is under threat: a spot of booze.

With the count not at the Camden Centre or the Somers Town Sports Hall – and at a Haverstock School instead, people are asking… will I be able to get a lager? Will I? Tradition has it, that there’s always somewhere to get a least a bottle of beer or a glass of wine as the results come in. It ensures candidates can either celebrate or drown sorrows depending on how the poll goes. But what will happen this time?

Kajima, the company that runs Haverstock school site, hasn’t found it easy in the past to win an alcohol licence for its out of hours events. Election night won’t be the same unless somebody has thought of a solution. Otherwise, is it all down Marathon kebabs afterwards?

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  1. oliviajacks // April 12, 2010 at 10:59 pm //

    probably not marathon since they seem to have started operating within their licensing restrictions…


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