The two most likely..

HAVING bossed Camden for 35 years, you’d have thought the Labour Party would have made winning it back a top, top priority. It was certainly a massive dent to the pride in 2006 when they lost stewardship of the borough to a Liberal Democrat and Conservative coalition.

Yet if you look at leaked excerpts from party papers made available on Conservative blogger Iain Dale’s web pages yesterday, resources will not apparently be pumped into an all out offensive in Camden during the upcoming local election campaigns. The minutes Dale quotes, which he says come from a London Regional Labour Party Board Meeting held on Monday, read like this:

‘Linda Perks reported that TULO [Trade Union Liaison Organisation] has appointed union organisers to work for the borough elections with each of the nine Labour-led boroughs and the two most likely to be gained by Labour (Islington and Southwark). They would be asking for weekend dates to get union activists out campaigning.’

For Camden not  to even feature in the Labour Party’s own ‘most likely to be gained’ bracket will make depressing reading for those aiming to cut short the stay of the Lib Dems and Tories at the Town Hall.

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